We are Kisah Heirlooms

Our name is derived from the Indonesian word 'Kisah,' which means 'story.' Storytelling is deeply ingrained in Indonesian culture, with centuries-old tales passed down through generations.

 Our jewellery pieces are inspired by these stories, each with its own meaning and message. 

Join us as we explore the rich cultural heritage of Indonesia through our designs.

Jewellery that inspires and empowers

Wear Your Story

Our jewellery pieces are not just accessories, they are pieces of Indonesian history and culture that you can wear every day. Connect with the rich cultural heritage of Indonesia and make a statement with our unique and beautiful designs.

For every occasion

Our Kisah Heirlooms stacking rings are perfect for stacking, mixing and matching to create your unique look. The elegant and timeless designs make them suitable for any occasion, whether it's a formal event or a casual outing. Join us as we showcase the versatility of our stacking rings and give you some styling tips.